Devotra Smart Classrooms

In general Smart Classrooms are often considered as classrooms with a focus on ICT hardware and software and in particular the use of so called “Smart Boards” and other audio/visual equipment. These have now been introduced widely in Africa from Primary to Higher Education level.

However the Devotra Smart Classroom concept goes much further than the traditional interpretation of a Smart Classroom and actually brings 21st century education systems to Africa. The Devotra Smart Classroom concept is available for: TVET, Primary-, Secondary- and Higher Education.

The Devotra Smart Classroom seamlessly integrates the following components:

  • Digital Resources Library with 8.500 ready-made learning units
  • Practical demo and training units linked to the Digital Resources Library
  • State-of-the-art ICT laboratory for exploration, investigation, on-screen simulations, virtual experiments and presentations
  • Top quality ergonomic designed furniture to create a modern and inspiring learning environment
  • Long term technical support, training and after-sales
  • A future proof solution that is available offline and/or online via a suitable E-learning platform
  • Mapping to the existing local curriculum

The Devotra Smart Classroom will act as an incubator area for ideas based on industry and labour market requirements. It will change students and teachers mind-sets and will bring innovation, spur creative and catalytic thinking, triggers students’ exploration skills, enhance problem-solving based learning and provide the opportunity to teach and learn design, programming, engineering and production skills. For more specific information, please enter each education level below.